Festivals & Parties


Festivals are joyous occasions, be it winter or spring. Duke's Folly Hotel can be your perfect venue to celebrate in any season.

Spring Parties

For celebrating the start of the season and a new start of the year, the Dukes Folly Hotel will have in-house party events in selected weeks.

Summer Parties

Southport has the best weather in the Northwest of England. Beautiful Sun and Sea, shining in along the historical Victorian buildings along Lord Street. There is plenty to do for the whole family, with a list of events and festivals being held in Summer such as The Southport Food and Drink Festival, The Senior Open Championships for Golf, The Woodvalle Rally and The Southport Flower Show which our customers relish every year.

Autumn Parties

After the hot weather starts to fade, comes shining, sunny Autumn days. With a comfortable wind blowing from the Atlantic, it is a great season for vacation. With the British Musical Fireworks Competition being held, you'd be sorry to miss Southport in the Autumn.

Christmas & New Year Parties

Winter is party time. Not only because the weather is cold outside, we celebrate the family reunions of Chritmas and ring in the New Year together.  Live singing parties will be held in-house for our customers and our neighbourhood.